Just Burgers & Beers, Edinburgh: The Review

10 December 2014

Hey everyone!

Today I'm writing about my trip to Just Burgers & Beers; a burger joint I'd been meaning to visit since it opened earlier this year. As a certified member of my pals & I's #burgerlovinbabes crew, I was sure to love this. And it didn't disappoint..

After having a browse through the menu, me and Gillian settled on our burgers of choice: The Mac Attack for me and The Anna Nicole Smith for Gillian. The Mac Attack was a popular one with the people on our table, as.. er, hello! Mac and cheese on a burger?! Yes please.

Before we kicked off with the eating part (the best part, in my opinion), we listened to a talk by the founder of DuneSurfer, the beer of choice for the night. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive about drinking beer as I'm not a fan, so I kind of glazed over at this point.. I feel quite guilty about that now because the beer proved me entirely wrong! It's actually the first beer I've ever tasted that I've enjoyed, so that's a record! Everyone on my table was amazed I didn't like beer, so I was triumphant that I'd found one I did indeed like. Why, you might ask? Well.. this beer isn't your average beer. Here's what the company has to say about their beer:
"DuneSurfer is the world’s first desert beer, inspired by the spirit of the adventure and breaking free from convention .. A refreshing premium beer, DuneSurfer is brewed with a fusion of super fruits, botanicals, vitamins and minerals."
As you can see, unlike traditional beer, DuneSurfer is brewed with all those good super fruits, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. This is a beer for those on-the-go, health-conscious and craving a lighter beer which still has all the taste associated with traditional beer. And I certainly approved.

And on with the starters we went! Everyone was expecting a small plate of nachos, but you can't even tell from this photo that this plate was huuuuge. We had a mix of BBQ Beer Pulled Pork Nachos, Spicy Beef Chilli Nachos, BBQ Chicken Wings and Home-made Slaw. Oh lord. Delish.

Finally, the main event arrived: The Mac Attack burger. The mac and cheese was inside a breadcrumb fritter and piled high on top of bacon, beer mustard, lettuce, cheddar and the beef burger underneath. It was essentially heaven, guys.. It also came with a slightly mahoosive tub of wholegrain mustard, which was a wee bit excessive. We ate our burgers alongside a special DuneSurfer cocktail (beer?! In a cocktail?! Are you havin' a laugh?). It was weirdly good and I polished it off pronto, as always with a cocktail.. can't resist. 

Overall, I had an amazing feast at Just Burgers & Beers, and would recommend it to anyone local or people travelling to Edinburgh in search of a fairly-priced gigantic meal in central Edinburgh, with so many unique burgers to choose from. There was even a burger with a breakfast fry-up theme.. too good! I'll most definitely be back myself.

192a High Street
Royal Mile
0131 226 1214

Would you try a Mac Attack Burger? Or, are you also a beer avoider like me? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I'm not a big beer drinker either so this sounds interesting...

    1. Oh seriously, it's worth a shot! I'm so anti-beer but I liked it

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I could eat it again right now.. sigh

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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