A Cosy Christmas at Next

21 December 2015

Sooo.. I decided to put my mild obsession with Next at Christmas time to good use and write a little post. It's perhaps a little late for most, but just in case you're keen to pick up some last minute Christmas treats, dig in below!

My Festive Beauty Look

20 December 2015

When it comes to Christmas, the more gold glitter and red lipstick the better for me. It's probably my favourite beauty combination all year round anyway, so I really take the festive season as my excuse to whip it out more often! Find out what I'm wearing on my face this Christmas...

WIWT: Birthday Girl in Red Lace

30 November 2015

Happy 24th birthday to me (last week)! To celebrate, I spent this past weekend with my best friends Emma and Gillian eating too much food and having surprises galore. I also rocked a pretty beautiful dress which I definitely had to photograph cause that's one tradition I like to keep up every birthday on my blog. It's nice to look back and see the changes over the years. Well, not that many changes because hey... I'm wearing the same hair band and necklace as last year! Old habits die hard, sparkly magpie that I am...

My Daily Makeup Routine

26 November 2015

Following up from my Morning Routine post recently, I thought I'd do a little detailed write-up of my daily make-up routine to fill in the gaps! This is the routine I use specifically mid-week when I'm off to the office. My weekend routine is a little different and either more glammed up or toned down - dependent on what I'm doing. Grab a cup of tea and get stuck in, guys!

A Weekend in Perthshire

22 November 2015

Hi guys!

I've created a little vlog of my weekend away in a woodland lodge in Blair Atholl, Scottish Highlands, for you to have a look-see at.

Featuring many autumnal woodland walks, House of Bruar hauling, Highland cows, pub grub and comfy sleeps!

View it here.

My Morning Routine

17 November 2015

There isn't really a day that goes by that doesn't see me running frantically out of the door clutching my staff pass in one hand and my phone in the other. However, on the odd occasion I make the extra time in my morning routine, there are a few sacred moments I like to include. After all, there really is no better time than the morning to ensure your day starts off on the right foot. Here are a few glimpses into my morning routine:

Christmas Gift Guide: Festive Pampering

15 November 2015

Am I allowed to use the word 'Christmas' yet, or shall I whisper it in hushed tones...? Oh well! I thought I'd start off early, seeing as "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." around ol' Edinburgh town. Time to crack out the wish list, eye up M&S' festive food aisle and think about my decorating theme for this year. The easiest way I've found to get in the festive mood a little early - without looking a bit cray cray - is by slipping into fluffy pyjamas, burning a festive candle and giving my body a good wee pamper. So, on that note, here's a little Christmas gift guide I've created with festive pampering in mind. Perfect for treating your girl friends or mum - or yourself! - to this winter...

Making the most of the final days of Autumn

28 October 2015

In Copenhagen

Hi all!

That month-long break kind of did me the world of good. Since then, I've sorted out a lot of the issues which were weighing me down and have even managed to secure my job. Yay! All the hard work is paying off, for sure! I thought now I'm back, I'd start writing the type of posts which have put a smile on my face in my time off from writing. After all, that's what blogging is for, right? Writing about the things which make you crack a smile on the dullest and most mundane of days. I never want to forget that or be put off by the pressured commercialisation of blogs nowadays. So, without further ado, here's a little autumnal bucket list for my favourite of all the seasons...

An Autumn Home Update

27 August 2015

As we go into the cooler months, there's one thing I get truly excited about: staying in on an evening, curled up in blankets and sipping hot chocolate with not a care in the world. Yes, I am that sad. I can't help it, guys!

So, with that in mind, it was time to get my bedroom all spruced up and ready for the upcoming evenings in. Just my luck that George at ASDA have an amazing wee selection of homewares* in right now! I set about picking up a few bargains from there and Tiger* to make my room feel more current me and less University me..

Summer Snippets: Food and Drink

25 August 2015

Foodies Festival Edinburgh Review

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far. As I said in my previous WIWT post, I've been AWOL for the past month in a constant cycle of work, eat, socialise, sleep. But, through all the madness, I've managed to pop to a few food and drink events around Edinburgh that I thought I'd write a little summary post about. Let me know what you're enjoying around the city this summer.. And, as ever, pop over to everyedinburgh.com for more food and drinks posts from me.

WIWT: Cupcakes at Cuckoo's Bakery, Edinburgh

23 August 2015

Oh, hello strangers!

It's been a wee while, hasn't it? Well, I'm back once again (for the renegade master dududuuu). And this time I'm letting you follow me around as I spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in my old neighbourhood of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh visiting my favourite little cupcake café Cuckoo's Bakery. It involves red velvet cupcakes, rose lemonade, an Every Edinburgh brainstorming session and a new outfit. All with my partner-in-crime Gillian in tow, of course..

Three Things #8: New Projects & A New Job

13 July 2015

Hey guys!

It's been a while, right? Sorry about that! I have a spontaneous burst of energy to let you in on what's been going on now that I've got 5 minutes to sit down and write it all down so, without further ado..

What Makes You Feel Amazing? Bravissimo's New Campaign

18 June 2015

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

When Bravissimo got in touch recently to let me know about their new 'Amazing You' campaign, I was sold. A lingerie brand geared towards the bustiest of ladies (D cup and above), Bravissimo is known for its ability to make women feel amazing, so they're celebrating it! Why not, eh?

Their new online campaign tells us ladies:

"Amazing is more than a feeling. It’s an attitude. A state of mind. A certainty that you’re writing your own rules for life, lingerie and more. And this is the place where you can tell the world what makes you feel amazing."
It all sounded great. There was just one little problem...

Gusto, Edinburgh: The Review

9 June 2015

As you might have gathered from my Instagram, I had my first visit to Gusto* on Edinburgh's George Street recently. As a chain of Italian restaurants across Scotland and Northern England, from the outset Gusto is a contemporary stylish take on traditional Italian dining. They pride themselves on being:
"Inspired by the traditional grand cafes of Europe, Gusto is all about making the everyday exquisite. See, we believe being grand doesn't have to be a big deal."
But, what did I think of my first time dining there..? Find out below.

Fully Fashioned: The Pringle of Scotland Story

8 June 2015

Fully Fashioned Pringle of Scotland Story exhibition
This post is a wee bit closer to my heart.. The Fully Fashioned: Pringle of Scotland Story exhibition is currently being hosted at my former work, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Having come up with the concept of a blogger event to promote the exhibition - which celebrates 200 years of Pringle - before I left, the night had come to see what my fellow Scottish bloggers thought!

And, of course, what I thought too..

Happy 1st Birthday Mademoiselle Macaron!

23 May 2015

Mademoiselle Macaron Edinburgh Patisserie
I'll start this post by admitting that I had not - until now - had the pleasure of visiting Mademoiselle Macaron on Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, until now! This beautiful little patisserie was masterminded by Rachel during a love affair with Paris and its macarons. A former Alain Ducasse cookery school graduate, Rachel wants to ensure every visitor can:
"Step out of Edinburgh and into Paris for a day.."
Under the familiar shadow of Edinburgh Castle, into Paris you will most definitely go. The café has little viewfinders where you can see Parisian streets and daydream whilst you bite into her wonderful macarons and sip on a mug of hot chocolate. Of course, all with a side helping of Rachel's proud "Scottish banter". Hey, you can take the girl out of Scotland but....! ;)

See what I got up to at their 1st birthday party..

Copenhagen: Day 2 - Museums, Tivoli Gardens and Burgers

21 May 2015

Copenhagen City Guide Tivoli Gardens
Did you enjoy reading day 1? Let's hope so. Here's to day 2 of my 3 days in Copenhagen! This one was pretty jam-packed (mostly in terms of miles covered!), with a trip to National Museum of Denmark, dinner at Cock's and Cows and Copenhagen's own amusement park, Tivoli Gardens.

10 Tips On Cutting Excess Spending

19 May 2015

10 Tips on Cutting Excess Spending

I don't know about you, but excessive spending is a vice of mine that I could do without. After leaving University with the expected debt, I've been trying (and failing) to stop spending and start saving!

Here are the methods I've been trying to save the odd £ or two during my week:

A Bouquet of Peonies? It Must Be Summer

14 May 2015

If there's one thing that signals summertime is about to rear its head, it's the unstoppable onslaught of peony photos all over Instagram.. Maybe it's just me, though, but this is a blogger cliche I can certainly get on board with! So, just as I was plotting where to pick up the best peonies in Edinburgh, Debenhams Flowers magically got in touch to offer me a bouquet of my choice from their summer range. Suffice to say, the Large Peony Perfection Bouquet* won without a second thought!

Copenhagen: Day 1 - Boat Tours, Sephora and Hidden Cocktail Bars

12 May 2015

Hey guys!

I imagine the people who know me will be thinking "why have you left this nearly 2 weeks, Laura?!", but I got there in the end.. oops. Here's day 1 of my week in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I traveled with Gillian at the end of April.

The Boozy Cow, Edinburgh: The Review

8 May 2015


It's that time again.. another new Edinburgh restaurant review! This time, in the form of the old Amicus Apple's reincarnation as a burger n' booze joint: The Boozy Cow. Prepare yourselves for the greatest burgers and cocktails imaginable.. You might wanna free up your weekend plans, guys.

WIWT: An Afternoon in the Meadows

4 May 2015

As an Edinburgh local, there's only one place to visit on that one day of sunshine each year (just kidding.. kinda) - the Meadows. Particularly during cherry blossom season, the Meadows is - rather literally - in full bloom, with tourists and locals alike coming to snap as many photos as humanly possible. Outwith the cherry blossom season, spring and summer in the Meadows is filled with barbecues, picnics, frisbees, casual kick-abouts, dog-walking, jogging, cyclists, and even cricket and tennis. Essentially, if it's a summertime activity, it's likely happening here..

Here's what I wore today to take some photos of Gillian for her blog post..

Three Things #7: As One Door Closes..

16 April 2015

Meadows Edinburgh
In the Meadows, soaking up the sun on Easter Monday!

It's been a while since I wrote this sort of post, right..? Sorry about that! The last 8 months have seen me wrapped up in producing digital content full-time professionally, after graduating from my Degree beforehand, and the personal side of my own blog seems to have been the victim of all this life craziness! I can't make excuses though, so I'm back to make up for any time lost by updating you on life as it is now.

1. I'm finishing my job
Starting with a biggie! Boom. So, unfortunately, the job I've been incredibly happy in was lost this month. My contract ends at the end of April, so right now is job-hunting time. I've had ups and downs since, but hopefully the right next step will come to me and a new chapter can begin.

2. I'm planning my trip to Copenhagen
In the last week of April, me and Gillian are headed to Copenhagen (a trip booked waaay before my job loss.. darn it!). If you've got any recommendations, throw them my way! Our friend Lynne has been before, and she's excitedly written us a little list of places she loved. Highlights we're aiming to check out: Tivoli Gardens amusement park; having a wander around the cool Nørrebro district and fashionable Frederiksberg; and taking lots and lots of pictures at Nyhavn port (those colourful buildings plastering the front of every sightseeing guide).

3. I'm focusing on losing weight
So, I mentioned weight loss as a clichéd New Year's goal in my 5 Goals for 2015 blog post earlier this year. It's been quite infuriating to not be able to fit into my favourite dresses, so I've been choosing healthier options (when I can, and when I've not been coming home pretty low and just craving that pizza..) I feel good in myself when I do make the right food choices, so it's a win-win. To aid it, I've also been doing more walking than usual, and getting all 80s with the power walking.. but without the neon sweatbands, sorry guys....

Bonus: I got contact lenses and OH MY LORD, it is wonderful.

What about you? How is life treating you lately?


My SS15 Wardrobe with Debenhams

14 April 2015

Debenhams SS15 press show Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

Last month, I was invited to the SS15 fashion and beauty press show by Debenhams. The venue for the show this season moved to Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. Previously, shows have been staged in Glasgow's Blythswood Square Hotel (my SS14 review here and AW14 here), so it made a lovely change to see the items in their new temporary home; under the breathtaking architecture that is the Gallery of Modern Art. Another difference, albeit personally, this season it was not the beauty section, but the fashion that captivated me. Brights and prints stood out and made a stark contrast against the rainy dreich weather that was awaiting us outside. Inside, it was more like being on a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and, er, rather attractive male models strutting down the catwalk in nothing but speedos..

But, ahem, enough of the pleasing scenery, on to the clothes!

A Weekend Getaway to York

12 April 2015

A weekend in York with Travelodge

When I was invited to experience a 2 night break away with Travelodge, three thoughts crossed my mind:
  1. This definitely ties in with my New Year's Resolution of more travel!
  2. Travelodge, though..? I'm not so sure..
  3. Oh go on.. sign me up & prove me wrong!

A month or so later I was on my way down to York on the train on a Friday night with my flat-wife Gillian for a weekend filled with fun, frivolity and food. All the best 'f's.

5 Things To Do At Edinburgh International Science Festival

4 April 2015

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015

After attending a couple of fantastic engaging events last year, I was excited to see what this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival had to offer. And, boy, it hasn't disappointed. As soon as I was lucky enough to attend the launch presentation at my work, I was feverishly jotting down events in a to-do list fashion. Fortunately, I was also invited to attend the launch of the GastroFest food programme strand at Summerhall at the end of March (something I also did last year, as you can read about here) and it was amazing. I'll fill you in on what to expect from the GastroFest: SciMart later on in this post.

So, without further ado, here are the events you should definitely attend at the festival this year..

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: The Review

28 March 2015

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review
If there's one thing that I enjoy a lot, it's a good glowy base. I've spoken before of my quest for glowy skin and even written a post on last year's glowy spring make-up look, but they were both before I discovered Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.. The base that my favourite beauty blogger Vivianna Does Makeup has raved about for years.

Here's a little review of the base that's stolen my heart in the past few months.. ♥

Scottish Ballet: A Streetcar Named Desire

19 March 2015

Scottish Ballet A Streetcar Named Desire at Festival Theatre Edinburgh 2015
Eve Mutso as Blanche DuBois with the Company in Nancy Meckler and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s A Streetcar Named Desire. Photo by Andy Ross.

This week is a biggie for me.. Scottish Ballet's production of A Streetcar Named Desire comes to Edinburgh's Festival Theatre between Wednesday 18th - Saturday 21st March. Having been lucky enough to be invited to see the show at a bloggers' event last night, I can tell you that it's as beautiful and as enigmatic as you can possibly imagine..

VDeep, Edinburgh: The Review

22 February 2015

VDeep Craft Beer and Curry Bar Edinburgh

Last Thursday, I was invited to the media launch of VDeep; a craft beer and curry bar mash-up in Leith. Masterminded by TV personality, comedian and runner-up on Celebrity Masterchef, Hardeep Singh Kohli, and Head Chef Ruairidh Skinner (formerly of The Vintage in Leith), VDeep is a first for Scotland. Kohli came up with the idea when he noticed a gap in the market; so many people say they're going out for a curry then a beer (or vice versa), but never at the same time. However, he's made it clear that he wants VDeep to be primarily a craft beer destination which serves 21 contemporary Indian dishes to match. And, boy, do those Indian dishes impress..! With not a hint of mango chutney in sight..

Whistles SS15: Going Minimalist

12 February 2015

Call it age, but minimalism is appealing to me more and more. I've even been reading Into Mind's blog posts on building a minimal wardrobe almost religiously.. (see Minimalist Wardrobe FAQs: Common Pitfalls + How To Get Started) but I digress.. Don't get me wrong; I'm still drawn to a polka dot dress like a moth to a flame. But, these days, my idea of impeccable style is also coming from ogling Vivianna Does Makeup's latest style purchases (#Annafangirl). There's something about the clean-cut lines; the fresh neutrals and the ease of throwing it on in the morning. Maybe it's the fact I'm now a working professional and no longer a student..

A Letter To My 18 Year Old Self

29 January 2015

I read From Roses' post recently on 'The Things I Wish I Knew When I was 18' and was inspired to write my own letter to my 18 year old self. These are the things I'd want to say to that timid 18 year old girl I once was..

How To Start Loving Yourself Now

23 January 2015

How to start loving yourself now January blues
Image via Pinterest (unknown source)

Hi guys,

A different post is on the agenda today.

I haven't spoken about my feelings on my blog for a while.. probably because I imagine it's pretty boring to read! But I thought, instead, I'd put a positive spin on a tough time I'm going through right now. So, here are ways I'm going to start loving myself more. Hopefully it will come in handy to anyone else who's also suffering with a case of the January blues..

Where I've Been Eating in Edinburgh: A Round-up

18 January 2015

Hey everyone!

I decided to take a break from blogging, but I'm back with a wee round-up of what I've been eating and drinking lately around Edinburgh. Recently, me and my flatmate Gillian have been meal-planning for the week, so we're not eating out as often (and I'm trying to eat healthier home-cooked meals). However, December was choc-full of restaurants and bars, so I thought I'd let you all into the newest places I've been heading to to fill my belly..

From sushi to warming casseroles; brunch to Chinese feasts, it's all here!

5 Goals for 2015

4 January 2015

5 goals for 2015

Hey guys!

We've now rolled into 2015, so it's time to wave off 2014 and start plotting those all-important goals for the year ahead. I achieved so much work-wise last year, what with graduating with my 2:1 in Events & Marketing Management and getting an amazing job being the big 'uns. This year, I'm seeking out big adventures and new experiences! So, let's get crackin'..