A Letter To My 18 Year Old Self

29 January 2015

I read From Roses' post recently on 'The Things I Wish I Knew When I was 18' and was inspired to write my own letter to my 18 year old self. These are the things I'd want to say to that timid 18 year old girl I once was..

♥ Don't obsess about perfection so much.
♥ You may feel like you're going to be alone forever, but you will meet your first love in a couple of years.
♥ Stop hiding away so much.
♥ Raise your voice; don't be so scared of what people think.
♥ You are the strongest girl - every day is a struggle right now but you will one day succeed & be glad you struggled on.
♥ You think you're a little chubby, but you are completely wrong! Your 23 year old self is striving for that body again!
♥ Be proud of yourself for how far you've come.
♥ Don't waste time trying to impress fake friends.
♥ 1st year of Uni may feel like a let-down, but hold on in there - 2nd year will be the most adventurous year ever.
♥ You're going to meet an incredible bunch of people in the next few years.
♥ Your best friend of 5 years will still be your best friend in another 5 years' time - she's a keeper.

What would you say to your teenage self nowadays..?



  1. I wish I could tell my 18 year old self to enjoy life more and take more opportunities.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Love this! I may well do a video or post along these lines at some point soon - your past couple of posts have inspired me when I've been having bloggers block! <3 x


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