Three Things #7: As One Door Closes..

16 April 2015

Meadows Edinburgh
In the Meadows, soaking up the sun on Easter Monday!

It's been a while since I wrote this sort of post, right..? Sorry about that! The last 8 months have seen me wrapped up in producing digital content full-time professionally, after graduating from my Degree beforehand, and the personal side of my own blog seems to have been the victim of all this life craziness! I can't make excuses though, so I'm back to make up for any time lost by updating you on life as it is now.

1. I'm finishing my job
Starting with a biggie! Boom. So, unfortunately, the job I've been incredibly happy in was lost this month. My contract ends at the end of April, so right now is job-hunting time. I've had ups and downs since, but hopefully the right next step will come to me and a new chapter can begin.

2. I'm planning my trip to Copenhagen
In the last week of April, me and Gillian are headed to Copenhagen (a trip booked waaay before my job loss.. darn it!). If you've got any recommendations, throw them my way! Our friend Lynne has been before, and she's excitedly written us a little list of places she loved. Highlights we're aiming to check out: Tivoli Gardens amusement park; having a wander around the cool Nørrebro district and fashionable Frederiksberg; and taking lots and lots of pictures at Nyhavn port (those colourful buildings plastering the front of every sightseeing guide).

3. I'm focusing on losing weight
So, I mentioned weight loss as a clichéd New Year's goal in my 5 Goals for 2015 blog post earlier this year. It's been quite infuriating to not be able to fit into my favourite dresses, so I've been choosing healthier options (when I can, and when I've not been coming home pretty low and just craving that pizza..) I feel good in myself when I do make the right food choices, so it's a win-win. To aid it, I've also been doing more walking than usual, and getting all 80s with the power walking.. but without the neon sweatbands, sorry guys....

Bonus: I got contact lenses and OH MY LORD, it is wonderful.

What about you? How is life treating you lately?



  1. Copenhagen will be awesome :) And enjoy it! You deserve a break, you've not been sounding so perky lately :) On the job front I feel you - I'm currently looking and it can be demoralising,but I'm coming at it with a good attitude and am getting some traction, so I'm sure you will too! And if you ever need an ear to bend about Edinburgh job hunting just give me a shout :) xx

  2. I loved Copenhagen! I went just before Christmas a couple of years ago with friends and we had the best time! I wrote a few tips here which you might find handy:

    Best of luck with the job hunting! x

  3. Good luck finding a new job! :) I hope you enjoy/ed Copenhagen!

    Shannon Rebecca | Blogger & YouTuber <3


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