10 Tips On Cutting Excess Spending

19 May 2015

10 Tips on Cutting Excess Spending

I don't know about you, but excessive spending is a vice of mine that I could do without. After leaving University with the expected debt, I've been trying (and failing) to stop spending and start saving!

Here are the methods I've been trying to save the odd £ or two during my week:

♥ Walking - instead of taking the bus or driving - whenever you can
This one helps with fitness too!

♥ Pack your lunch to take to work
Again, this also encourages me to make healthier choices. I've been making it more exciting by buying a kilner jar and filling it up with spinach, cherry tomatoes, parma ham, chicken & cous cous. And even a little splattering of pomegranate seeds on top for a sweet kick!

♥ Keep healthy snacks in bulk on your desk
If you see a girl hobbling along with a heavy bag, it is likely me transporting all my abandoned ryvita, rice cakes, bars, almonds & clementines to work. That mid-afternoon slump = combated, without the need for a quick trip to the corner shop.

♥ No (or less) takeaway coffees! 
Ever since I received a white Tassimo Coffee Machine for Christmas, I've been leaning towards using that for a quick-fix caffeine treat. Perhaps not any healthier, but certainly cheaper. I now spend £6.99 on 8 Costa lattes; whereas I'd be spending nearer £20 directly from Costa. Food for thought! However, I do still keep my Costa loyalty card - see further down - to save up for a free coffee for a rainy day (even if it takes me a little longer these days!)

♥ Work out your weekly budget
Having to stick to a budget is something I hadn't really tried that hard with until recently.. It's such a bad habit and something I needed to fix. I've already worked out my outgoings and will be forcing myself to check my bank statement every day.

♥ Cancel unnecessary subscriptions
I'm talking Spotify, gym membership, beauty boxes, magazine subscriptions.. even, dare I say it, Netflix (!). Quite honestly, I don't really miss them when they're gone. If I do, there's usually a way around it, such as using YouTube's playlist function to stream albums (hiya T Swift!)

♥ Stock up on store loyalty cards
No, not the store credit cards! If you're spending regularly in-store, make sure to check out whether the store has a loyalty membership card scheme. My favourites are: Space NK's N-Dulge membership scheme (which includes a birthday gift and £5 off once you've spent £100), Boots' Advantage Card (the original and the best!) and little-known Paperchase's Treat Me card (e.g. free coffee in the Glasgow branch each week and a £10 birthday treat). Hop to it.

♥ Take cash out and put the cards away
This is one I'm working on as I have a bad habit of using my card to pay for things.. "if you can't see it in front of you, it's not real money is it?!". This one makes a big difference, as I'm a lot less keen on spending when I can see the cash in my hand.

♥ Meal planning for the week
My flatmate Gillian has already spoken of meal-planning (aka 'The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Healthy'), and it's something we try to adhere to most weeks, helped in part by doing a weekly Asda groceries order. We have a bad habit of eating out quite often, which I don't mind too much, as it's something I enjoy as a part of my life, but it's good to stay in every once in a while and cook. If you're more committed than me: bulk cooking is where it's at!

♥ Put away a little every month
Increase your rainy day fund by putting away a portion (e.g. 10%) of your monthly income into a savings account. Bonus points if it's hard to access, to stop you transferring it back in to your current account!

There. Try these out and I guarantee you'll feel better already! 

What do you do to cut your spending every week? Send me some more tips!



  1. Theres noooooo way I could eat out as much as you do... the food always looks so delicious in your photos, then I look up the menus, and my eyes near enough pop out my head! Sooooo much money! I basically just don't have the same finances you do (and I have a full time job- weep! How do you do it?!?! Teach me your ways!!) but I share similar ideas to those you've listed here. If I don't take my lunch into school with me, I can easily spend like £7 on lunch. Now if that's 5 days a week, it totally adds up! And walking to school/ getting a lift rather than getting the bus has saved me £50 a month. Some good ideas here! xx

    1. I don't buy clothes or random stuff unless I need it! Simples x

  2. These are definitely tips I can take advantage of at the moment! I also downloaded the natwest app to my phone and make a habit of checking my balance every day - which takes less than a minute! Definitely worth getting the app for your bank if they have one xxx



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