Copenhagen: Day 1 - Boat Tours, Sephora and Hidden Cocktail Bars

12 May 2015

Hey guys!

I imagine the people who know me will be thinking "why have you left this nearly 2 weeks, Laura?!", but I got there in the end.. oops. Here's day 1 of my week in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I traveled with Gillian at the end of April.

Arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark

Let's time travel back to Monday 27 April..

On arriving at Copenhagen airport late on Monday afternoon, we hopped in a taxi to Avenue Hotel in Frederiksberg; our home for the next four nights. After a bit of exploring the room and a quick lie down (all that traveling calls for some rest!), we wandered bleary-eyed to the nearest Irma supermarket to grab a little in-room picnic. One thing that's amazing about traveling to a new place is checking out their normal supermarket aisles.. rather boring to locals but a goldmine for travelers. The sweetie aisle was choc-a-bloc (rather literally) with cute sweets. We picked up a bar of cocoa mousse and some strawberry marshmallow chocolates which we snacked on during the week. Sweets aside, we also tried out the whole-grain rye bread (or "rugbrød") which is traditionally used for the Scandinavian delicacy of Smørrebrød (or "open sandwich") alongside meat & cheese from the deli aisle. Suffice to say, it was a nice wee feast!

Tuesday 28 April

Me outside Copenhagen's City Hall

Interesting choice of animal decor just off Strøget

After an okay night's sleep (a combination of the hot hotel room and not wanting to open the window because of the noisy road below our window), we headed down for breakfast. Avenue Hotel present a traditional buffet continental breakfast, but with their stylish touches throughout. The bread, for example, is freshly baked every morning. The jam, too, is home-made and delicious. My favourite flavour from the week was definitely the strawberry, raspberry and mango jam. Yum! I definitely enjoyed tucking into breakfast every morning and it was a great way to start our day's exploring in the Danish capital.



Once we got started with our walk into town, we managed to pop into Vero ModaZara and Tiger on the way. I was lucky enough to score a beautiful black dress with lace detailing from Vero Moda that you may see in a future WIWT blog post. After a bit of tourist sight-seeing at City Hall Square, we then made our way down Strøget (the main shopping street, also known as one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe). The usual suspects were waiting for us, such as H&M and Cos, but we also had a chance to check out Monki, & Other Stories and the beauty blogger homeland Sephora. All amazing to see as first time in-store visitors! We got to pick up the Sephora Matte Lip Cream (Gillian's? Watermelon Slice. Me? Always Red).. best purchasing decision. Expect a review in the works! With regards to & Other Stories.. um.. I definitely visited 3 times during my trip to Copenhagen. It's just TOO TEMPTING, guys.

Nyhavn and Copenhagen Canal Tour

After some lunch at La Diamant on Strøget (pizza party!), we continued on down to Nyhavn, the image you will often conjure up if thinking of Copenhagen. Its picture-perfect postcard view is worth checking out, as you'll see below.

After admiring the view with a million and one snaps, we boarded Copenhagen Canal Tours' boat and set off on a 1 hour Grand Tour trip, seeing the sights from the water as we cruised along. We managed to spot the Little Mermaid statue as well as the Opera House, Amalienborg Palace, the Black Diamond (royal library), as well as lots of churches and pretty buildings along the route. Here's some of the highlights..

After all that walking and sightseeing, it was time to head back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner.. but on our way, we couldn't help but take photos of The Lakes!


Later on, it was time to get set for dinner at Höst and meet up with Calum, Gillian's best pal, who was in the city for a conference and would be joining us for the rest of our trip. We'd chosen the restaurant because of its amazing interiors; dinner tables set in amongst greenery and rustic plant pots. Definitely some excellent Pinterest fodder! But, the menu was just as delightful! From scallops to steak to rhubarb cheesecake, it really was filled with some of the best Danish cuisine could offer, so it was a perfect spot to start our first proper evening.

A Danish snack: potato rolled in onion ash filled with fish.. strange one but was okay!

Ribeye with a lettuce-crème, cabbage, pea-sprouts, fried inkchips, smoked cheese and peber.

White chocolate mousse pre-dessert course

Iced cream with chamomile on a rhubarb purée with a soft maltcake, honeycrunch and a lemon verbena oil


All that eating had us stuffed and it was time to take a leisurely stroll along to Gilt cocktail bar for some after-dinner drinks. Gilt isn't your average cocktail bar.. it's hidden behind a black painted exterior with no windows and only the word "Gilt" to spark your curiosity. Luckily, I'd spotted it on Trip Advisor with excellent reviews so knew it was a legit bar! I recommend popping in if you're ever around.. the barman was so chilled and it was a really relaxed cool place to while away the evening.

Gilt interiors
And, other than a glass of red in the hotel bar afterwards, that was the end of day 1 in Copenhagen! Days 2 and 3 to follow..

Where are you visiting this year? Fancy a trip to Copenhagen?



  1. I've never visited Copenhagen but have always wanted to! Looks like you had a great time - fab photos too :)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

    1. I'd never thought about it until the opportunity came up with a friend already there, but it really was worth it! Such a beautiful friendly city :) x

  2. I've never been to Copenhagen and never really thought to go but it looks absolutely beautiful in your photos so I think I may have to add it to my list - I'm such a sucker for brightly coloured buildings!


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