The Boozy Cow, Edinburgh: The Review

8 May 2015


It's that time again.. another new Edinburgh restaurant review! This time, in the form of the old Amicus Apple's reincarnation as a burger n' booze joint: The Boozy Cow. Prepare yourselves for the greatest burgers and cocktails imaginable.. You might wanna free up your weekend plans, guys.

I've been really intrigued by The Boozy Cow ever since its official launch earlier this year. As an Amicus Apple regular over the years, it was exciting to see it completely evolve into something more relevant to the times; something with a little more character and just a little more burgers (always more burgers, guys, you should know this about me by now).

Plain ol' water in tin cans.. cute little touch!

When we sat down and took a read through the food menu, it was initially looking to be more of the same in terms of good ol' fashioned burgers in gigantic sized portions. However, when we were presented with our mains and sides - on a shared tray, no less - there was something more appealing about this place. I've found minor faults with a couple of burger establishments across Edinburgh and Glasgow in the past, but this seems more up my street. I'm gonna put it down to bacon being present on lots of burgers (bacon, how I love you), different types of savoury waffles on the menu (!), lots of fries options and no beer being forced upon me. I also kinda like the encouragement to just dig in and share amongst friends. No knives and forks encouraged here.. The sides are designed to be shared, so don't make the mistake of ordering fries just for yourself.. you may struggle!

Boozy Back Cow


Most importantly, the food really was delicious. I couldn't have faulted any of it, which is rare nowadays. The fries really were the skinniest I've come across and the house seasoning was addictive. The burgers are lovingly locally sourced and cooked to perfection, with the brioche bun kicking it all off. And oh my.. the waffle. We'd first come across waffles on the burger menu back in York at Winner Winner and were encouraged to try out The Boozy Cow's version. Suffice to say, I was sold. I just couldn't get enough of that cheesy waffle-y goodness! Not much to look at, but the proof is in the taste. The pièce de résistance was the Chocolate Stampede sharing dessert: filled with everything your inner 10 year old self desires.. yum.
Maple Bacon Cheese Burger: Swiss cheese, red onion, pickles, salad, mustard ketchup and crispy maple cured streaky bacon in a brioche bun

The Phili Cheese Steak: Shaved steak, onions & peppers with house cheese sauce in a brioche sub

Skinnies: Thin fries with house seasoning

Waffles with house cheese sauce, sweet onions and sour cream

Wagon wheel onion rings with thousand island dip


In terms of the drinks, it was amazing to be able to still recognise a couple of old favourites on the cocktail menu (Hollaback Girl, newly titled Boozy Back Cow, being a firm favourite - remember this birthday blog post back in 2012?! Blast from the past). However, it's clear the team have enjoyed the fresh challenge and the creativity to go a bit wilder with their cocktail selection under the Boozy Cow brand. One cocktail we sampled, the Disco Bru, is a daiquiri with an irn bru reduction - seemed so simple and yet I'd never tried anything like it before! Another memorable cocktail was the Million Dollar Milkshake with powdered Nutella, which we were told would work well with dessert. I think all cocktails should now come in a cute juice carton with 'Boozy Juice' labelled on it! My final cocktail highlight was the Bacon Maple Old Fashioned, with the essence of bacon fat, bourbon and bitters as a spin on the classic cocktail staple. Fact: to this day, I still go a little weak at the knees for guys who order an Old Fashioned.. enough Mad Men watching for me. Swoon.

Chocolate Stampede: dark & white chocolate ice cream, honeycomb crunch, cookie dough, toasted mallows, peanut dust and whipped cream.

No, soz Gillian, you may not share.. kidding! I could barely touch this.. so full!
After all that feasting, it's safe to say we were stuffed. Walking home was a struggle. Thanks to the team at The Boozy Cow for inviting me and Gillian to review your kick-ass food - we shall certainly be firm regulars 'round these parts!

Disco Bru - a daiquiri with irn bru reduction. Yes please.

Burgers start from £6.50 and cocktails from £5.50

17 Frederick Street
New Town

What's the best burger you've ever tried?



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