What Makes You Feel Amazing? Bravissimo's New Campaign

18 June 2015

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

When Bravissimo got in touch recently to let me know about their new 'Amazing You' campaign, I was sold. A lingerie brand geared towards the bustiest of ladies (D cup and above), Bravissimo is known for its ability to make women feel amazing, so they're celebrating it! Why not, eh?

Their new online campaign tells us ladies:

"Amazing is more than a feeling. It’s an attitude. A state of mind. A certainty that you’re writing your own rules for life, lingerie and more. And this is the place where you can tell the world what makes you feel amazing."
It all sounded great. There was just one little problem...

Gusto, Edinburgh: The Review

9 June 2015

As you might have gathered from my Instagram, I had my first visit to Gusto* on Edinburgh's George Street recently. As a chain of Italian restaurants across Scotland and Northern England, from the outset Gusto is a contemporary stylish take on traditional Italian dining. They pride themselves on being:
"Inspired by the traditional grand cafes of Europe, Gusto is all about making the everyday exquisite. See, we believe being grand doesn't have to be a big deal."
But, what did I think of my first time dining there..? Find out below.

Fully Fashioned: The Pringle of Scotland Story

8 June 2015

Fully Fashioned Pringle of Scotland Story exhibition
This post is a wee bit closer to my heart.. The Fully Fashioned: Pringle of Scotland Story exhibition is currently being hosted at my former work, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Having come up with the concept of a blogger event to promote the exhibition - which celebrates 200 years of Pringle - before I left, the night had come to see what my fellow Scottish bloggers thought!

And, of course, what I thought too..