What Makes You Feel Amazing? Bravissimo's New Campaign

18 June 2015

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

When Bravissimo got in touch recently to let me know about their new 'Amazing You' campaign, I was sold. A lingerie brand geared towards the bustiest of ladies (D cup and above), Bravissimo is known for its ability to make women feel amazing, so they're celebrating it! Why not, eh?

Their new online campaign tells us ladies:

"Amazing is more than a feeling. It’s an attitude. A state of mind. A certainty that you’re writing your own rules for life, lingerie and more. And this is the place where you can tell the world what makes you feel amazing."
It all sounded great. There was just one little problem...

...I surely couldn't fit into Bravissimo's range.. or could I?

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

The Perfect Lingerie Set

On rocking up at my first fitting with the Bravissimo Edinburgh team - rather sheepishly, feeling like a fraud with my less than adequate bra size - I was led into a spacious changing room; much like a boudoir and filled with all you need to head home with your perfect bra in tow. There's even a Bravissimo brochure ready and waiting, so you can flick through it and pick out your favourite styles for your fitting assistant to bring right to you. My assistant made me feel instantly at ease, making sure I was happy for her to be in the room whilst I tried on a selection of bras in the styles I preferred. It's actually such a good feeling to know you're in great hands - Bravissimo's fitting staff are expert at what they do. She just had to look at me to know I was wearing 3 cup sizes too small.. d'oh.

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

After picking out 3 or 4 options from the brochure in a cup size I never even thought I'd ever fit into, I tried on each bra with shock.. they fitted like a glove! It was a strange feeling, and even more embarrassing to glance at my ill-fitting bra of the day chucked in the corner; all stretched at the band and straps. Now, it was time for the fun part.. choosing my perfect bra!

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign
I've got to say, I am a very staunch wearer of the padded balconette bra. From a young age, I gravitated towards this style. However, trying out something new was toying on my mind, so it was exciting to have the chance to really see all the styles fitted on. My assistant encouraged me to try out an underwired full cup bra - my idea of Hell originally, but I stayed open-minded. She presented the Black Andorra Bra by Panache and matching thong, which I popped on and felt instantly amazing. Who'dda thunk it?!

In true Laura style, however, I did revert to my old ways and picked up the beautiful Black Patsy bra by Freya*; a half cup lightly padded bra, with matching briefs. Some things never change, eh?

A Signature Scent

Another thing that makes me feel amazing is spritzing on the perfect perfume. Everyone has one, don't they? A scent - or two - that makes you feel ready to take on the day. In the summer months, I'm in love with Jo Malone's Peony and Blush Suede cologne. So, it was extra special to have my lovely mum gift me the matching body and hand wash for me to extend the scent for even longer! I've been having a tough time of it of late, so it was so lovely to see that iconic Jo Malone gift box; ready and waiting for me to unwrap and coo over for ages. There's just something about Jo Malone, isn't there?

Bravissimo Amazing You campaign

What makes you feel amazing? 

Is it a candlelit bath after a tough day? Slipping into fresh clean sheets at bedtime? Or slicking on your favourite red lipstick before heading out the door?

Let me know in the comments below. Or, even better, hop on over to Bravissimo's Amazing You portal to share it and have the chance to win some goodies!


* Disclaimer: I was offered a fitting (ordinarily free of charge) and one lingerie set of my choosing. The other set I chose was bought by me voluntarily. All opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to post about my experience. 


  1. A nice hot bubble bath and a kebab makes me feel great 😘

  2. This sounds lovely lady - lucky you. When I went to get my wedding underwear I got measured and was completely wearing the wrong size too, it's so easily done. I love a chilled evening and agree with Emma about a bubble bath, a movie or a good book and some chocolate :) either that or dinner or drinks with good pals and Robin always makes me smile xxx


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