An Autumn Home Update

27 August 2015

As we go into the cooler months, there's one thing I get truly excited about: staying in on an evening, curled up in blankets and sipping hot chocolate with not a care in the world. Yes, I am that sad. I can't help it, guys!

So, with that in mind, it was time to get my bedroom all spruced up and ready for the upcoming evenings in. Just my luck that George at ASDA have an amazing wee selection of homewares* in right now! I set about picking up a few bargains from there and Tiger* to make my room feel more current me and less University me..

Summer Snippets: Food and Drink

25 August 2015

Foodies Festival Edinburgh Review

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far. As I said in my previous WIWT post, I've been AWOL for the past month in a constant cycle of work, eat, socialise, sleep. But, through all the madness, I've managed to pop to a few food and drink events around Edinburgh that I thought I'd write a little summary post about. Let me know what you're enjoying around the city this summer.. And, as ever, pop over to for more food and drinks posts from me.

WIWT: Cupcakes at Cuckoo's Bakery, Edinburgh

23 August 2015

Oh, hello strangers!

It's been a wee while, hasn't it? Well, I'm back once again (for the renegade master dududuuu). And this time I'm letting you follow me around as I spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in my old neighbourhood of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh visiting my favourite little cupcake cafĂ© Cuckoo's Bakery. It involves red velvet cupcakes, rose lemonade, an Every Edinburgh brainstorming session and a new outfit. All with my partner-in-crime Gillian in tow, of course..