Summer Snippets: Food and Drink

25 August 2015

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far. As I said in my previous WIWT post, I've been AWOL for the past month in a constant cycle of work, eat, socialise, sleep. But, through all the madness, I've managed to pop to a few food and drink events around Edinburgh that I thought I'd write a little summary post about. Let me know what you're enjoying around the city this summer.. And, as ever, pop over to for more food and drinks posts from me.

1. Foodies Festival

It felt like the year since the last Foodies Festival flew by so fast. I couldn't believe it was time to head on over to Inverleith Park one more time to sample all that lovely food and drink once more. So, earlier this month, I did just that with Hannah, Gillian and Farhana. We ate duck wraps, millionaire's brownies, macarons from Mademoiselle Macaron and sipped champagne (a lovely part of the VIP package you can opt for at Foodies). I even managed to pick up a bottle of my favourite Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur at their stand. The highlight? The sunshine we had all day! I'll certainly be back next year.


2. Indoor Picnics at Monboddo Bar

When the invite dropped in my inbox for an indoor picnic at a bar I hadn't heard of (?!) in Edinburgh, I was keen to check it out. After all, as lovely as Edinburgh is, it has the least predictable weather ever, so an indoor picnic seemed like an excellent idea to me! After a welcome Pimms as part of the package, we tucked into mini burgers, corn on the cob, cocktail sorbet desserts, coleslaw and potato salad. All whilst sipping on little cocktails.. very summery indeed! I would say, however, that the pricing for the package was a little over what I would ordinarily be willing to pay, but I did enjoy the food under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. One to consider if you need a quirky bite to eat.

3. A Taste for Craft Ale at The Beer Kitchen

If anyone knows me at all, they'll know that I am not the biggest fan of beer. I've tried so hard, guys! It's just not something I can get a taste for.. But all that changed when I tasted the White Oak Wheat Beer at Innis & Gunn's new The Beer Kitchen bar in Edinburgh. I wrote up a more thorough review here if you'd like to take a visit whilst around town in the coming months.

What have been your favourite moments from this summer so far?

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