Making the most of the final days of Autumn

28 October 2015

In Copenhagen

Hi all!

That month-long break kind of did me the world of good. Since then, I've sorted out a lot of the issues which were weighing me down and have even managed to secure my job. Yay! All the hard work is paying off, for sure! I thought now I'm back, I'd start writing the type of posts which have put a smile on my face in my time off from writing. After all, that's what blogging is for, right? Writing about the things which make you crack a smile on the dullest and most mundane of days. I never want to forget that or be put off by the pressured commercialisation of blogs nowadays. So, without further ado, here's a little autumnal bucket list for my favourite of all the seasons...

1. Whip up a big batch of comforting soup on the stove

My favourites? French onion soup, sweet potato & chilli or tomato soup. All served up with a slice of warm crusty bread... and maybe even a cheeky cheese toastie.

2. Treat yourself to a new set of cosy pyjamas

I recently picked up these beautiful silky blush pyjamas with intricate lace detail - they're my pride and joy. Keep them toasty on the radiator for when you come out of the shower or bath in the evening. Perfect!

3. ... and some soft flannel sheets whilst you're at it!

Primark is the place to head! This has become my annual tradition... See my newest set here.

4. Darken your nail colour

Deep berry shades are my favourite at this time of year. Particularly when paired with a matching berry-stained lip and neutral or golden eyes.

5. Hot chocolates, all day e'ry day

Well, not quite. But there really is no better feeling than sipping a hot chocolate to warm up after getting caught in the rain (as opposed to a pina colada. Just sayin'.)

6. Candles - all of the candles

I'm on a mission to stock up on the Yankee Candle autumn/winter candles. Just because.

7. Dot a few pint-sized pumpkins around ahead of Hallowe'en

Bonus points for glittery pumpkins like me and Gillian created last year.

8. Bookmark a list of the greatest Halloween films

And watch them!

9. Switch up your coffee order to chai or cinnamon spiced 

Or, y'know, pumpkin... if you're that way inclined! ;)

10. Dig out those nourishing night oils, moisturisers and balms

I kind of love that I have a good excuse to spend more time looking after my skin and doing a spot of facial massage in the evenings. And my skin is finally able to deal with the richness of the Elemis cleansing balm again.

11. Snap a few photos of the autumn leaves

They're just too pretty! And we all secretly love the Instagram cliché...

12. Book a little trip away to a woodland lodge

I did this a couple of weeks ago when the leaves were at their prettiest up in the Scottish Highlands... instant calm.

13. Mulling cider in the kitchen

Perfect for sipping during autumn catch-ups with friends, all wrapped up in blankets whilst watching Netflix.

14. Stock up on blankets, blankets, blankets

... do I even need to explain this one?!

15. Sundays in bed scrolling Pinterest to develop your own autumn bucket list

Because that's what hibernating during the changing weather is for, right?

What's been on your bucket list this autumn?


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  1. This whole post had me smiling from ear and ear. I l love snuggling in blankets with you and can't wait to see you soon! Xxx


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