5 Ways I De-Stress Every Day

1 November 2015

5 Ways I De-Stress Every Day

1. Write a to-do list

One thing that helps me de-stress from day to day is jotting down any tasks in a bullet pointed (or, um ♥ pointed in my case) to-do list. This is particularly helpful for prioritising tasks that come in out of the blue (basically every day for me, working in communications!), as they are often the cause of most stress-inducing moments.

2. Light a candle

Perhaps a little thing that makes a big difference. I'm the most susceptible person to scent ever. The slight whiff of a bad scent makes me feel queasy... so, suffice to say, a good candle can change my entire mood around! My favourites are the Lily Flame candle in Blush and the Jo Malone candle in Blackberry & Bay.

3. Text a friend

My best friend Emma is always there in any time of need, so she is the lady I call on when things get stressful. Whether to vent or simply joke around (probably via cute animal videos...), contacting a pal is one of the most effective ways I've gotten through a stressful period.

4. Plan out my week in advance

Every Friday afternoon, I sit down at work and jot down my tasks for the following week in each daily column in my 5 Days a Week desk pad. Whether recurring tasks or one-off reminders, it really helps me stay calm and know I'll go into work on the following Monday feeling prepared to tackle my workload. There's nothing worse than coming in feeling dazed and overwhelmed after a weekend of relaxing at home. Much better to ease yourself in and prepare in advance!

5. Managing my work/life balance

When I'm in work mode, I'm in work mode. And the same goes for my personal life. One thing I have fortunately always stuck to is shutting off when I come home from work. I know a lot of people are guilty of checking work emails outside of working hours, but I just don't. Yes, I may have to stay in the office late to get the task done, but I won't be bringing it home with me. And, where possible, I recommend everyone do this too! However, I do know it's sometimes a luxury to be able to do this.

What about you? How do you minimise (or better yet, eliminate!) stress every day?



  1. CUTEST! I need a desk jotter! Good thinking...

  2. I need to write more to-do lists. They are the only way I get anything done but I keep forgetting to write them duh! I need to put to-do list on my to-do list lol!

    Amy at Amy & More

  3. To Do lists and planning my week are essential for me! I'm actually about to plan the week ahead right now haha. I totally need to take your advice on the last point though - I find it so hard to shut off from work but I can see how it would make a big difference to stress levels!
    Shannon x

  4. Ahh I totally hear you on the planning front: I have two Paperchase diaries and Pukka Pad that I use religiously to plan my work-week. A job just doesn't feel done until I've ticked it off the list. In terms of de-stressing, I used to write down 5 nice things that had happened to me every day. Even if they were just small things, like reaching the bus stop just before the bus did or getting complimented on something at work. It's a nice way to clear out the bad stuff from your mind and focus on the lovely bits. x


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