WIWT: Birthday Girl in Red Lace

30 November 2015

Happy 24th birthday to me (last week)! To celebrate, I spent this past weekend with my best friends Emma and Gillian eating too much food and having surprises galore. I also rocked a pretty beautiful dress which I definitely had to photograph cause that's one tradition I like to keep up every birthday on my blog. It's nice to look back and see the changes over the years. Well, not that many changes because hey... I'm wearing the same hair band and necklace as last year! Old habits die hard, sparkly magpie that I am...

On Friday afternoon, I took a half day from work and, after picking Emma up from the airport, we all headed to Eteaket for a wee casual prosecco afternoon tea, with pots of lovely tea. I loved it so much, as usual! Somewhere you can just pop in without booking and fill up on treats with no dressing up required is a nice thing to have nearby.

When we got back to the flat, the girls surprised me with a birthday cake from Cuckoo's Bakery in my favourite cupcake flavour: their award-winning white chocolate and raspberry! You can see it here. That was probably the highlight of my weekend and I was beaming away like a wee idiot while they sang me happy birthday. Aww! Best pals a girl could ask for.

Later on, we went to the Blair Street Underground Vaults for Mercat Tours' Hidden & Haunted tour. It wasn't at all scary (in fact, I found the cosiness of most of the vault rooms quite nice haha!) but was a cool thing to tick off my list. Believe it or not, I'd never been on one of the ghost tours in Edinburgh before that.

On the Saturday, we chilled for most of the day watching Friday night TV (who else loves I'm A Celebrity every year? Just me and Gillian...?) and YouTube vlogs, before getting all glammed up for dinner and a night on the tiles.

We first stopped off at Steak on Stones to cook our own steak on hot lava stones. When I was looking up places to go for my birthday dinner, I wanted something quirky and fun for us to do so this fit the bill for me. It was certainly a dinner I'll remember! Me and the girls loved it. Due to an overdue wait for our reserved table, we scored a bottle of prosecco too... win. The sides were also pretty yummy, with a selection of potato wedges, winter veg, creamy leeks peas and bacon and fries, as well as a bernaise sauce for me for my steak.

After filling up on food, we popped downstairs to Beer & Skittles for a few vodkas and sambuca shots (naughty) and a little boogie. I hadn't been before; in fact, I didn't even know it was below Steak until the faint music we could hear from the hallway kinda drew us in. But I quite enjoyed it. It's the kind of place which gets you in the mood to go clubbing later on, or somewhere that could be the little bit more laid-back final destination for a night out. Think lots of comfy sofas, DJ and cheap drinks. Yay!

So... after all that, we shamefully made our way across to The Hive for a night of dancing to cheesy pop on the second dancefloor like we were 19 again. It's been a whiiiiile since my Tuesday night Antics visits, Hive, but you never get old for me.

Sunday featured a Chinese takeaway and more TV in our jammies. A perfect birthday weekend all round, I'd say!

Outfit details: Dress - Missguided at ASOS | Clutch - River Island | Boots - Ted & Muffy* | Necklace - Swarovski (similar here) | Hairband - Zara (old)

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  1. Your dress is lovely Laura and your hair is sitting beautiful.
    I hope you had a great birthday and were very spoiled, it sounds like you had a super time x

    1. Aww thank you Lori, so lovely. I did indeed :) x

  2. happy belated birthday, you look awesome!!

    danielle | avec danielle


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