February Wishlist: Red Bows, Leopard Heels and Sparkly Jewels

3 February 2016

Two posts from me this week? Give this girl a gold star!

Guys, I can't stop tap-tap-tapping away on my keyboard in the evenings, browsing away on ASOS. I just saved up a little more than I usually would and it's becoming incredibly tough to stop myself clicking 'add to basket' on everything in sight. I'll keep on resisting (for now), but I thought I'd make it a liiiittle more productive by crafting up a wishlist for you guys to check out. From a sparkly statement necklace of dreams; to a work-ready jumpsuit; to the perfect bar-hopping heels, I'm coveting the lot...

January: Cheesecake, Cloud-like Beds and Pamper Days

2 February 2016

Can we just take a minute for how fast January went, please? I feel like I was only just popping open a bottle of prosecco for the bells at midnight on 31st of December. Now it's currently the 2nd of February and I'm cosied up under a blanket typing away alongside Gillian. It's a serious blogging night in our flat, that's for sure.

In January, I worked my ass off all month so this little section of the web got abandoned (boo!). Now that work is looking a little lighter - and I'm doing mini fist pumps because I'm finally a permanent employee for the first time since graduating Uni (!!!) - I thought I'd let you know what I've been loving since I last caught up with you...