January: Cheesecake, Cloud-like Beds and Pamper Days

2 February 2016

Can we just take a minute for how fast January went, please? I feel like I was only just popping open a bottle of prosecco for the bells at midnight on 31st of December. Now it's currently the 2nd of February and I'm cosied up under a blanket typing away alongside Gillian. It's a serious blogging night in our flat, that's for sure.

In January, I worked my ass off all month so this little section of the web got abandoned (boo!). Now that work is looking a little lighter - and I'm doing mini fist pumps because I'm finally a permanent employee for the first time since graduating Uni (!!!) - I thought I'd let you know what I've been loving since I last caught up with you...

1. Cheesecake catch-ups

I caught up with some of my favourite ladies Farhana and Heather earlier in the month, which ended up being the usual hours of chat over sweet treats and flowering teas. If you're Edinburgh-based and love a good slice of cheesecake, we visited Mallow Valley Cheesecake Cafe - yum!

2. Spa days

Before I travelled around the country (well, to Manchester and London!) working on some staff events for my work, I booked myself in to escape for a massage and a facial. Mmmmm, bliss! I loved this so much. One thing I like to treat myself to every now and again is a good massage, so when a new year offer came up at a local day spa, I had to oblige...

3. Familiar faces on my travels

While I was down in London, the loveeeeely babe that is my friend Gill managed to pop along to my hotel's bar for wine and life chats. Much needed during a stressful few days down there! I always think spontaneous catch-ups are better than planned ones anyway. And especially when they involve complimentary freshly made popcorn and a stunning view of the London skyline (here).

4. Cloud-like hotel beds and perfect breakfasts

Oh my God. I love staying in hotels for two reasons: the comfy beds and the amazing breakfast line-up. And, let me tell ya, both were incredibly well received during my days running around venues. From bacon and maple syrup pancakes to pots of granola, fruit and yoghurt, I'll take it all. Sorry not sorry!

5. Confidence

2015 was definitely the year I hit my stride confident-wise. I didn't really realise it until a few different friends pointed it out to me but I look back on the Laura of 2014 and I see a totally different girl. It's amazing how strong you become over the years, with both age and experience. In the final weekend of January, I actually passed my number to a cute guy I spotted; something I never would have had the bottle to do back then, but something I'm happy to be comfortable doing these days. And, hey, it resulted in a text...! A win for confidence ;)

6. Being a cat auntie

Me and Gillian looked after Kirsty's cat Fitz again in January, and he was just as charming as ever - what a babe, and he knows it (see him here). It's kinda nice having a man about the house too, ha! Can someone please send us more cat packages please? As in actual cats. This definitely sounds like a massively terrible idea for a subscription box but also CATS.

7. My own little flat

As much as travelling (and cloud-like hotel beds) can be fun and all, there's nothing quite like getting back home, into your onesie, lighting a candle and crawling under a blanket for a night of trash TV and chats with one of your best friends/flatmates. Thanks for the craziness January, but I'm ready to roll into February a bleary-eyed but excited lady.


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