What's in my Bag: The Kate Spade Hayden

22 April 2016

The excuse to write a blog post about my new baby (hello Kate Spade Small Hayden) was overwhelming, so I thought I'd take it back old school and do a 'What's in my Bag' post with a few babein' photos of the wee beauty. I picked the smaller version of the Hayden as I don't tend to use a big bag most days, saving my large black H&M tote for in-flight hand luggage when I need to and my & Other Stories throw-over black shoulder bag for nights out. It was pretty hard debating on a colour to choose, as Kate Spade produce their bags in all bright colours of the rainbow... but I thought, being sensible, I'd make my first designer bag purchase a failsafe classic black. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up buying the blush version next... (don't let me do this, please!!!)

Read on to find out what I stash away in my bag most days.

The Art of Coffee Making with Nespresso

21 April 2016

When I think of coffee these days, I think of hipster coffee purists - the likes of whom I highlighted over on my other website Every Edinburgh recently. I wouldn't count myself at that level of purism, personally, but I do need my tall skinny latte to get going in the morning! So, when Nespresso kindly invited me to explore their new Prodigio machine, I thought it would be a good chance to find out more about what goes into making good coffee at home, as opposed to spending all my pennies on work canteen Starbucks coffee (guilty as charged!). And, y'know, when they said it would involve a "five course sensory dining experience at G&V Hotel in Edinburgh", I asked "where do I sign up...?!" So here's what I discovered about the art of coffee making...

How to Make a: Gin Sunrise Cocktail

11 April 2016

I'm a self-confessed cocktail lover. Perusing cocktail menus (no matter where I may be) really is up there with being one of my favourite evening pastimes. So, when All Bar One invited me to try out one of their Cocktail Masterclasses*, I was instantly excited. No matter how many masterclasses (whether of the gin, wine, coffee or cocktail variety) I've completed in the past, I always look forward to experiencing all the different combinations I seem to learn every time I go. And this time was no different, with All Bar One's cocktail expert at Exchange Crescent, Michael, on hand to teach us his ways with this really tasty cocktail. It's got a tiny bit of a kick with the gin alongside the fruity mango puree. One to bookmark for all those summer BBQs coming up...

5 Ways to Survive a Rough Patch

3 April 2016

After a difficult couple of weeks in my personal life, I've decided to hop right back into it with a blog post about the things that have kept me going during the tough moments. They're all pretty self-explanatory but sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction...! Particularly when you're not taking good enough care of yourself.