5 Ways to Survive a Rough Patch

3 April 2016

After a difficult couple of weeks in my personal life, I've decided to hop right back into it with a blog post about the things that have kept me going during the tough moments. They're all pretty self-explanatory but sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction...! Particularly when you're not taking good enough care of yourself.

1. Friends

I'm lucky enough to have built up a pretty solid network of pals over the last decade, and seeing how many of them have leapt in to support me when I reached a low moment was incredible. It really made me perk up and realise that I wasn't so alone! Thank you, girls (and guys!) - you all know who you are, you wonderful lot! ♥

2. Sleep

If ever I feel down, I try one (or all!) of these three methods: a cup of tea, a nap or a hot shower. They all make me feel a little clearer headed, if only for the distraction. And letting myself sleep it off really has been amazing for me this week. Zzzz... bonus points when it involves my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

3. Exercise

I've started popping on an exercise video (um, hello Charlotte Crosby, I am so full of class) for when I feel overwhelmed and my brain won't quieten... I'm only a few days in, but exercising has raised my endorphin levels and made me feel like I have a challenge to aim towards, knowing that I'm doing something good for my body instead of sitting feeling sluggish.

4. Work

Working is the main thing that keeps me sane during a difficult period (if it's not the trying aspect of my life at that time, at least!). I'm very ambitious and I like setting myself goals at work so it's been amazing to see how far I've come on in the past year at my new job - I'm taking on more and more responsibility and my confidence is getting better every day, hurrahhhh!

5. If in doubt, seek help

When it all got a little too much this week, I went to the doctors and laid out how I was feeling, and it felt like a positive step. After all, there's only so much you can balance by yourself before you can't feign a smile any longer. And I definitely recommend this step to anyone who's been feeling overwhelmed and sad for a long period of time.

What do you do to get through a rough patch?


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