The Art of Coffee Making with Nespresso

21 April 2016

When I think of coffee these days, I think of hipster coffee purists - the likes of whom I highlighted over on my other website Every Edinburgh recently. I wouldn't count myself at that level of purism, personally, but I do need my tall skinny latte to get going in the morning! So, when Nespresso kindly invited me to explore their new Prodigio machine, I thought it would be a good chance to find out more about what goes into making good coffee at home, as opposed to spending all my pennies on work canteen Starbucks coffee (guilty as charged!). And, y'know, when they said it would involve a "five course sensory dining experience at G&V Hotel in Edinburgh", I asked "where do I sign up...?!" So here's what I discovered about the art of coffee making...

1. It all begins with the right flavour

Or "key aromatic note", as Nespresso would say... From the strongest Kazaar to the mildest Bukeela ka Ethiopia, Nespresso have so many flavours on offer. I chose the Vanilio vanilla flavoured pods* as I like a good vanilla latte as opposed to the stronger espresso shot, particularly when I'm sipping it at home. But you might prefer the instant shot the Kazaar gives you - especially if you're not one to lounge around drinking your coffee and just want the buzz!

2. Fresh milk, always

Other than Nespresso's lineup, a lot of coffee machines (ahem, my Tassimo machine included...) use longer life milk pods rather than fresh milk, which tends to result in artificial tasting coffee that just doesn't taste that great, particularly on a bleary-eyed morning... So dig out that milk frother, because it's well worth bothering with for a perfectly tasting coffee every time.

3. You can now tap a few buttons on your phone to schedule in your coffee fix at home

The main thing that sold me, as a techy girl, about their Prodigio machine is the ability to use the Nespresso app on your phone to schedule your next coffee - as long as the glass is already sitting there waiting under your machine. 7am looking a bit terrifying? There's an app for that!

Get the tools to recreate the perfect barista style coffee at home with the shiny new Nespresso Prodigio machine


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