Girls Night at Revolution Bar, Edinburgh

4 May 2016

Last week, me, Louise, Lauren and Gillian were kindly invited* to try out the new menu over at Revolution Edinburgh. With bars up and down the country, Revolution (or "vodka revs" as I still mistakenly call it... oops!) has definitely undergone a huge transformation since the days of cheap vodka shots and students like me falling about the place. With much slicker interiors and tasty failsafe American grub on the menu, it's now one of my go-tos for a casual night out with my girl friends - which is exactly what I did this time!

You might remember I blogged about Revolution a few years ago, as I popped along with a group of pals for my 22nd birthday cocktail masterclass - one of my favourite birthdays of all time! This visit, however, it was the turn of Monday night cocktails and burgers with my fellow burger queens.

After a tough decision debating with Lauren if we could manage The Mother Clucker (a beast of beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, spicy chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries, crispy onions, smokinnaise and bbq fries... aaaaand breaaathe!), I sensibly opted for the Macphilly Cheese Steak. This one, rather more manageably, featured salt beef, mac 'n' cheese, smoked cheddar and mustard with fries. It was pretty much perfect but it is a salty dish, so not one to pick if you're not a fan of that. Washing it down with a good Strawberry Spritz cocktail helps a little though, just saying... hiccup. For dessert, I picked the classic New York Cheesecake. Because let's be honest, you can't really go wrong, can you? With that lovely buttery base, it was gone a wee bit too quickly...

After all that feasting, Louise managed to coerce us (it doesn't take much coercing with us really) to roll downstairs to take part in their Monday night pub quiz. The Revolution quiz takes part on team tablets, where you have to be the quickest to select the correct answer to win the most points. After a wobbly start, we started to get into the routine and ... chaaaaaampions! Yes, we won, like the utter champs that we are, waving our tenner notes around and swaggering out of the door. I'm not sure that went down all that well with the students hanging around, mind you...

Thanks Revolution, for fuelling our burger, cocktail and pub quizzing girls night!

Psst - pick up the Revolution Card for half price cocktails amongst other offers, which we made use of in the bar later on!

Where do you love going with your girls for a catch up?


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