Craft Scotland: Edinburgh Summer Show 2016

21 August 2016

I'd been invited along to Craft Scotland's Summer Show last year and sadly couldn't make it - but this year, when the invite fell into my inbox, I made sure to say yes... With a couple of masterclasses on offer from local craftspeople on the night, I was keen to dive in and learn something new too! So, from Kirsteen Stewart to Grainne Morton, see who were my picks of the summer show, and who I think you should definitely invest in this summer!

Gilly Langton

Gilly Langton (Jewellery Designer) is a name I was familiar with prior to attending the show, with Craft Scotland's Meet Your Maker events popping up at National Museums Scotland when I worked there. But, I'd never gotten the chance to actually meet her and see what inspires her designs - as well as actually get hands-on experience at doing it myself! After sitting down with a lovely glass of wine and a welcome chat, we all got stuck in using our own little synthetic thread kits to start loosely finger knitting a necklace design. After a shoddy start by me (!), I finally found my way and got into the rhythm of the technique. It was actually so relaxing to sit and focus purely on the movement of the thread and forget all your pre-occupying thoughts. Definitely a little activity I've found myself doing when sitting in bed since the masterclass. Gilly's designs are all so bright and vivid, and I really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes in her scrapbook and finding out the crazy amount of thread she keeps stored in her house as part of her work!

Kirsteen Stewart

Next up on the masterclass agenda was Kirsteen Stewart (Textile Designer)'s mood boarding session. Kirsteen uses mood boards to kick off her textiles design process and get all those creative juices going. Now, I used to be a mood board hobbyist back in the days when Polyvore was cool and I had a massive collection of magazines to cut pretty images out of and stick on my teenage walls. But I hadn't sat down and done it in so long, so it was so lovely and refreshing to get back into it and use the theme of 'clashing patterns' to guide me as I ripped, snipped, glued and collaged.

Summer Show Makers

Want to attend the Craft Scotland Summer Show 2016 and see the work of all the makers in person? Head along to the 2nd floor of White Stuff on George St, Edinburgh, until Sunday 28 August, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It's free to enter and will fuel your design inspiration for months to come...



  1. I didn't get a chance to chat with you on the night but Ive just enjoyed your post very much. Hope to catch you at another event, best, Niki

    1. Hi Niki, thank you very much for the lovely comment. Hope to see you again soon too!


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