The Perfect Pamper Routine: Treat Yo'self

12 January 2017

If there's something I love doing most, it's treating myself to a pamper night. But, what does the perfect pamper night consist of? It's different for everyone but below are some of the things I love best when I'm in need of a bit of relaxation and alone time...

1. Set the scene

Music, candles and a clean tidy cosy room are the best way forward if you're ready to get yourself in the mood to chill out. I like to play Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago' album as I unwind, but you might find a bit of T-Swift is your favourite way to go here. Now you've got the music locked down, it's time to scent your room with the perfect candle. My favourite candles are Jo Malone's Blackberry and Bay, Yankee Candle's Fireside Treats and Lily-Flame's Blush candle. The Fireside Treats is getting its fair share of burning this winter!

2. Prep work

It's all in the little details, like warming your pyjamas on the radiator while you're in the bath, putting crisp white sheets on your bed, making yourself a really indulgent hot chocolate, laying out your favourite beauty products and snacks for the night and selecting a film to watch on Netflix. And, for those at a more advanced level of dedication to treating yo'self, setting your phone to airplane mode!

3. Pamper your body

First off, I like to give my body a good scrub with the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - if this was a shower gel I would buy it exclusively! Smells like a sweet treat. I then like to lather up using a moisturising shower gel or The Comforter from Lush while I let a hair mask work its magic on my tangly mane. After this, it's time to shave (no better feeling than silky smooth legs!) before washing my hair and jumping out of the shower. Once out of the shower, I'll moisturise all over, paint my nails a glittery or pastel shade and, sometimes, even apply fake tan (depending on how keen I am...)

4. Do a relaxing facial

Pamper evenings usually 99.9% of the time (or is this just in teen films and Mizz magazine in the '90s?!) consist of a face mask, or two, or three... I like to start with taking my makeup off using micellar water or The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Butter. I then use a deep pore cleansing clay mask such as the Origins Clear Improvement mask to rid my clogged pores of pesky spot-causing bacteria and follow it up with a gentle facial scrub to remove any remaining baddies from my face. If I still feel like I need to, I then like to use a Glycolactic Peel mask such as the Dr Murad or REN masks. After this, it's time to gently remove the mask with a facial cloth and pat my face dry. Then all that's left to do is apply your eye cream, your serum, then a facial moisturiser or oil and a bit of lip balm and you're good to go! Lovely soft glowing skin, be mine!

5. Be mindful

If I really need to soothe my mind as well as my body, I like use a meditation app on my phone (e.g. Rituals or Headspace) or get lost in reading a book. These are just two ways of shutting your brain off, but you could also try using a fancy adult colouring-in book (I don't use mine nearly enough!), browsing Pinterest or just playing some music. Anything which doesn't involve squinting at Facebook is probably a good shout!

What do you like doing on your Treat Yo'self pamper nights?


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