Wining and Dining at Divino Enoteca, Edinburgh

14 March 2017

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited along to an evening with Divino Enoteca's team. Tucked away on Merchant Street, below the George IV bridge and underneath their sister restaurant Vittoria's, it's a hidden gem down an unassuming side street. On heading down the stairs, you're struck by the cosy atmosphere and intimate feel, with seemingly endless wine bottles lining the shelves and a rustic table in the middle of the restaurant laden with cheese, bread and olives. It really blew us away on first glance, and set the scene for the rest of the evening...

We got settled with our menus, me with a glass of red wine and Graeme, a beer. I picked the sardines to start (mostly because I unfortunately don't like aubergines which were a part of the other option!), and Graeme picked the Burrata Pugliese (mozzarella with confit aubergine, sun blush tomato and croutons). While we waited, alongside bread and oil, we also tucked into the tiiiiiniest mac and cheese amuse-bouche - a nice touch. Expert Sommelier, Silvio Praino, was also on hand to chat everyone through the wine selection. I'm sure he was secretly embarrassed for me when he realised I had been drinking red wine during my fish starter buuuuuttttt, I just really fancied a glass of red...

Our starters finally arrived, and it made a nice change to indulge in Italian food that wasn't just pizza and pasta. Finally, some authentic Italian cuisine! After clearing our plates, we chatted away over drinks and I snapped about a gazillion photos, trying to perfect my photos in the dimly-lit room (always nice in real life but an absolute pain for Instagram-taking!) Next up, our mains arrived soon after. This was where the real feasting began!

We both opted for the roasted rack of lamb with artichoke and potato terrine. Oh boooooy, it tasted so so good. I recommend this one for anyone heading there soon! The meat was incredibly succulent inside but crispy on the outside - perfect. I'm not usually big on artichoke either but it was great alongside the lamb.

For dessert, I did something I've never done before... I ordered the cheese plate instead of the orange cake! My cheese plate was piled with creamy gorgonzola, pecorino with black truffle, chutney, honey, breadstick and celery, amongst other regional Italian cheeses. The perfect dessert to finish off the last dregs of my red wine with. Graeme's scented orange cake with vanilla mascarpone and kumquat sauce was, by all accounts, delicious too!

Overall, the restaurant really lived up to expectations. We had a little tour of the fairylit conservatory too, and I could just picture summer evenings sipping a glass of white wine (directly self-poured from one of the 'Enomatic' wine dispensers - faaancy) and chatting into the night over a plate of Italian cheese and bread. Mmmm, The Dream...


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