An August To Do List

6 August 2017

An August To Do List - The Likely Lady

Firstly, how is it even August yet? I feel like it was just yesterday I was boarding a flight to Bangkok, but here we are! It's been a weird rollercoaster of a summer for me, from Graeme and I moving in together to me finally quitting that job. But, all of it was a natural progression and I don't regret a thing, even if I'm on the hunt for a new job now, eek! I thought I'd write a li'l list of things I want to achieve this month to make the most of the final (if rainy) days of summer...

  1. Make the most of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I'm lucky enough to live in a city where, each August, everyone and their dog descends on us for the best in comedy, theatre, spoken word, dance and lots lots more. But, like most Edinburgh residents, it's a bloody pain in the neck when you're trying to just get the bus through town. However, I wanna make the most of all the shows (particularly the freebies!) this year and soak in the atmosphere. My favourite picks? Hanging out in Assembly Gardens in the evenings, sampling the street food, and attending a few shows at Assembly Hall. I've already booked a 241 ticket offer to see Jason Byrne again - super excited for that!

  1. Make the new flat homely

So, as I mentioned earlier, I moved in with Graeme at the start of the month and I'm slowly decluttering and making it feel more *me*. This is pretty challenging given that I've temporarily moved in with him and his flatmate (two boys, quelle horreur!). We'll be looking for a place of our own later in the year when I find a new job, but for now, this is home! I'm thinking fresh new cushion covers, decluttering my beauty drawers and keeping a few candles lit in the evenings. It's the little things.

  1. Organise, organise, organise!

What with my babe Lauren getting married in October and Graeme turning 30 in November, I've gotta get my head into gear and get some AirBnBs booked for a couple of different groups of pals. It'll be lovely to get away with the best bunch of people.

  1. Berlin

Graeme was lucky enough to get some Ryanair flight vouchers for graduating, so we booked a little break to Berlin for later in August. I'm super excited as it's the one place I've always wanted to visit, since studying German all those years ago. It'll be a budget break for me, but I can't wait nonetheless! Let me know if you have any recommendations of places I should go? All the bratwurst, please.

  1. Job hunting

And finally, the mundane yet most important one: find myself a job. I want to be back copywriting for a brand (or brands) that I love; crafting content that challenges me and keeps me engaged. One thing I also want again, specifically, is to work for someone who inspires me, which is proving difficult. But, fingers crossed for that! I'm also going to be picking some people's brains about the world of freelancing. Maybe more for the future, and as a "side hustle", as the young 'uns call it, but something I've always intended to do at some point.

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