My Autumn Wardrobe Picks

6 September 2017

My Autumn Wardrobe 2017 Picks

How is it September already, you guys? I feel like I blinked and Thailand, the Edinburgh Fringe and Lauren's Hen Do disappeared in a flash, boo. However, it does mean that it's now time to dig around my wardrobe and figure out what I need for those coming chilly autumnal months. I'm thinking slogan jumpers, fun accessories and lots of colour to pep me up for the season ahead. In the spirit of this, I've come up with a little autumn wardrobe picks post for you all to wade through with a cuppa tea (or a pumpkin spiced latte, if you're really feeling seasonal). I hope I can add a few little bits and bobs to your wishlist.

Slogan Jumpers

Slogan jumpers are having a bit of a moment right now, and I for one am not complaining. A li'l squiggle of calligraphy font on the front of a jumper makes it seem so much more exciting than a plain old grey knit. My favourites are the Hush offerings, but River Island and New Look have got some bleedin' amazing looking ones for around the £20-£40 mark, too, which is a bit more purse-friendly.

Fun Accessories

An easy-peasy way to update my wardrobe from last year, without spending a fortune on new clothes, is definitely bringing in a few fun accessories to play around with. I'm guilty of assuming I need to buy a new dress when I'm bored of my wardrobe, but accessories really open up more options and make everything look fresher somehow. A few favourites are the insect hair pins, fluffy scarf and colourful tassel earrings.

All of the Shoes, please

I'm lacking in a good selection of shoes right now, partly because my feet are a bit injured (cue hobbling around the streets like an old lady). But ankle boots count as supportive, riiiight...? The leopard print ones are a bit loud for me (how old am I again?!), but I think they'd add a bit of fun to a simple jeans and tee outfit. The embellished flats, too, are the perfect antidote to sore feet for wedding guest dressing this autumn. And then there's the smart pearl-embellished loafers for updating my workwear wardrobe... phew, which pair do I start with?!

Raincoats, Jackets and Blazers

I should probably confess before I talk about coats... I once had so many coats that the coat hooks fell off the wall (sorry Gillian!!!) Suffice to say, I don't need any more. However, a girl can dream! I do actually own the classic tan trench coat already, which is perfect for drizzly autumn days that aren't quite cold enough yet for a big wool coat. The polka dot mac is completely up my street too! Aghhhh, why do I love coats so much?!

What about you? What's on your autumn wardrobe wishlist?

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