The Summer Round-up

18 September 2017

The Summer Round-up
Phew... I know I've already started talking about autumn, but can we just take a minute to look back on the summer months for a bit? Because it was quite the rollercoaster. From moving in with a boy; to leaving that job that made me unhappy; to ticking places off my travel bucket list, it's all been happening! I'm currently sat with a cuppa tea, milling over all these photos with a wee soppy grin on - life really is 100x better compared to this time last year. Read on to find out what I've been up to...

The Summer Round-up

9 Amazing Things That Happened This Summer

  1. I visited Thailand!
    Thailand has always been on my travel bucket list since I was a teenager, so to finally tick it off with my favourite human in June was completely amazing. From midnight beers in the pool on a tiny island to taking panoramic shots of Bangkok from the 52nd floor of a five star hotel, it was utterly mind-blowing start to finish. And this is from a girl who couldn't even get on a bus for having panic attacks five years ago! So to have flown long haul and made some dreams come true made me feel incredibly strong.
  2. ...and, on that note, I spent the day with elephants!
    I never imagined myself trekking around muddy paths in Asia barefoot (my flip flops broke!) carrying bamboo sticks and feeding them to elephants while we led them down to the river for a paddle. But, that happened. And I've fallen head over heels in love with these majestic animals. It's actually so funny how much of their personalities you can see shining through when you spend a full day with them. Graeme and I's favourite was the playful baby elephant Meena! For reference, we visited the ethical Happy Elephant Home where the elephants are treated wonderfully after being saved from horrible pasts.
  3. Berlin finally happened
    It's been travel central over here! Graeme kindly received Ryanair vouchers from his sister for his graduation (more about that later), so we decided to put them to good use and book a trip to somewhere neither of us had ever been - Berlin! Since studying German to Higher at school, I've always wanted to visit and put my language skills to good use. It was really fun to be able to understand a little bit more than when I visit somewhere like Spain! After ticking off a lot of the main sights, we'll definitely be back one day to explore the neighbourhoods such as Kreuzberg and the area around Oranienburger Street/Auguststrasse.
  4. I moved in with Graeme
    I moved in with a boy (help me). At the age of 25, I have never ever lived with a man other than my dad, so this was a biggie for me. But, it's all felt very natural and clicked into place easily. We already had routines that felt like we lived together, anyway, so it wasn't too much of a jump. Luckily, the chores one-another hates are okay with the other person, so that's a bonus, too. No ironing or taking bins out for me!
  5. Graeme graduated
    Graeme also graduated in July, at the ripe old age of 29. I'm pretty bloody proud of him for going back to Uni and completing a Degree at the age I am now, as he's now in a career he's much happier in. We had a lovely wee day with his family, culminating in a big ol' dinner at the Scran and Scallie.
  6. We all celebrated Lauren's Hen Do (both of them!)
    My pal Lauren is such a diva that she had two hen dos, guys! Okay, I mean, one was for the Edinburgh ladies and one for the English. Me, Louise and Gillian popped to both of them, as we're top pals! The first saw us all fly down to Bristol to stay in a big hen house, dancing the night away in a Bristol night club. Lots of fun!
  7. I quit the job that made me unhappy
    This year, I finally quit a job that made me so unhappy I used to cry myself to sleep. To say it was a relief is an understatement. Some might seize up at the idea of quitting a job without another job secured but, honestly, my health and wellbeing trumps all else. And, I didn't need to worry because...
  8. I started a new contract with a lovely friendly team
    I'm currently working in a new job where the team are absolutely amazing and I've been praised like crazy throughout the organisation. It's weird to feel valued again and know my worth, when I was wrongly put down by a boss time and time again and my self esteem had gone downhill.
  9. And finally, I felt the happiest I've ever been
    The most amazing thing that happened this summer was that I finally, after so many difficult years, felt truly happy and at ease with where my life was heading. Good friends, family, a lovely boyfriend, and a new flat and job made such a difference to my overall happiness. Long may it continue!


  1. I hear ya on the job front. I work for the State of California and it provides me with great benefits and tenure. However, after 24 years it's a bit of a bore and recent admin changes have made me unhappy. I can't see myself leaving though after this many years of service. I might move to another department on campus but my job is so highly specialized it would be difficult. I hope you are stress free and happy now!

    1. Hi Ti, good to hear from someone else who's struggled with job issues! It's a really tough one, but I'm definitely a lot happier now!

  2. Love this! It looks like it's been a great year so far. Good for you for quitting a job that makes you unhappy; its such a tough thing to do and its great that it's all worked out for you..I'd be terrified to do it. But as you say health and happiness is way more important!

    Emma x

    1. Thank you Emma! I know, it was terrifying at the time but my gut feeling knew it was the right thing to do. Life's too short to be miserable! x

  3. I can really relate to you about the job. I left a job at the start of the year with nothing to fall back on. It was making me utterly miserable and although I felt relief at being out of there, the next 3 months saw me struggling even to get a part-time job. It's comforting to know that somebody else went through the same thing and also came out the other side better off! Cait x

    1. Agh, it's definitely a very tough experience to go through - I'm glad we can relate, though! It really was worth it in the long run. Thanks for sharing :) Laura x

  4. Wow, you've had an amazing Summer! Spending the day with elephants sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to visit Berlin too. So happy to read that you put your happiness first and left your job. That was incredibly brave and I'm delighted to read you found something better.

    Roxie |


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