How To Host The Perfect Afternoon Tea At Home

31 October 2017

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

As it's firmly into Bake Off season, I've been getting stronger urges to consume cake than usual (I mean, not that much stronger, really... come at me, Victoria sponge). However, with that urge comes the realisation that going out for fancy afternoon teas all the time + trying to save pennies don't really go together all that well. So, it was time to get into the kitchen and start whipping up my own sweet treats to gorge on whilst watching the Great British Bake Off.

See how I got on during an afternoon curled up with endless cups of tea and scones ladled with strawberry jam and cream, all whilst trying out the Mary Berry bakeware range*.

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

1. Set the scene

I don't know about you, but I can't really get comfy indoors without piles of blankets, a roaring fire (season-permitting), and candles flickering away around me. For summer, though, this might mean fresh flowers, fresh air and sunlight streaming in. Either way, setting the scene is crucial to making your home-made afternoon tea feel special. 

2. Dig out your best china tea cups

Call me an old lady but I love a good vintage china tea cup. When I was a teenager helping my gran move house, I jumped on the the pink and gold tea cup set she was going to throw out like a magpie. They're still waiting to be put into use one day (when I have a safe place to store them!) but, for now, I have the lovely one cup teapot I got from Louise to serve my tea in.

For plates and accessories, I've been using a couple of pretty new things from the Mary Berry Bakeware Collection. All of the products come with a personalisation option to give a really individual touch. Fine china cake plates with your name on to keep forever? I'm sold. Already picturing myself as a Mary Berry-esque grandma serving fluffy scones to people at coffee mornings. The cream wooden tray, too, is perfect for serving your afternoon tea on. Or, y'know, a fancy Saturday morning breakfast in bed. Treat yo'self.

3. Pick your tea

From rose blossom tea to a classic Yorkshire breakfast tea, my taste in tea changes with the wind. For autumn/winter, I just love a good classic cuppa English Breakfast Tea or a pot of Earl Grey. In the summer, I'm drawn to Eteaket's Rose Flower Blossom Tea or a blooming jasmine tea, but how about something different to tea? This citrus iced tea recipe sounds amaziiiing, as does a good ol' jug of Pimms for something more alcoholic.

4. Sandwiches and savouries

My favourite places for finding recipes and food ideas for all occasions are Pinterest and BBC Good Food. With Pinterest, you can just type in anything and there'll likely be someone who's concocted that recipe. The only issue I've found, though, is that the recipes aren't always 100% accurate, so really just take it as a place for inspiration. With BBC Good Food, there's so much to dig through, but I've found a couple of ideas that miiight just cut the mustard for your next afternoon tea at home.

My top picks:

5. Cakes

Let's be fair here, the cake tier of any afternoon tea is the one that is the true showstopper (sneaky Bake Off reference). With that in mind, I've recommended a couple of reliable tasty classics and a Bake Off-worthy showstopper.

My top picks:

6. The all-important scones

With scones, I'm gonna just leave this recipe here, served fresh out of the oven with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Et voila!


* I was sent the set of four personalised cake plates and the personalised Mary Berry tray to review, but all opinions are my own.

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