Unwinding After Work with Ora Beauty, Edinburgh

21 October 2017

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Picture the scene: you're shutting your laptop down on another productive working day, feeling rather weary and in need of a good pamper to wind down. Well, last month I was lucky enough to be invited over to Ora Beauty in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, for just that: two hours of blissful pampering*.

And it was all to celebrate their brand spanking new 'beauty bundles'; specially handpicked beauty treatment packages for every occasion. Read on to see how I got on winding down after a crazy day at work...

The Ora Beauty Bundles

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

When the lovely Nadine at Ora Beauty invited me in to try one of the new bundles, she sent me over a quick overview of what each treatment package includes to help me choose, but I was still really struggling to decide what to go for. Just look at this list...

"Preened to perfection" HD Brows, Shellac Manicure & Hollywood or Brazilian wax. - This treatment will leave you feeling on point and ready to take on anything - The Power Bundle - £78

"Touch me and try to leave" Shrinking Violet wrap, LVL Lash Lift or Express lash extensions.- feel fabulously fluttery with gorgeously full lashes and soft, svelte skin, perfect for that LBD occasion - The Seduction Bundle - £90

"Holiday Fling" Shellac manicure, Shellac Pedicure & Fake Bake Lotion Tan (Original, Darker or 60 min). Whether you're hitting the beach or hitting the dance floor - feel the healthy glow, perfect from head to toe - The Day to Night Bundle - £80

"Ready for my close up" Day or Evening Make up (lashes optional), 1/2 leg and underarm wax. For that special occasion when you want to wow the crowd - The Red Carpet Bundle - £65

"Heavenly Holistic" Back, neck & shoulder massage with Hot stones, Reflexology, Auricular therapy. 2 hours off stress melting, divine relaxation - you will never want it to end - stop the world I'm getting off for 2 hours - The Relax Bundle - £112

In the end, the 'Touch me and try to leave' package won my heart. I've always wanted to try out the Shrinking Violet Wrap, and now felt as good a time as any to see what all the fuss was about. LVL Lashes are also a huge favourite of mine, and any excuse to not have to wear mascara for a month is fine by me.

Shrinking Violet Slimming Wrap

So, guys, you're not going to be getting any photos with this one because, uh, I'm not sure how pleasant it would be to have photos of yours truly tightly wrapped up in cling film from head to toe like a joint of beef tied up with string. 

I'll let your mind picture that scene for a second... lovely.

Moving on quickly (!!!), the Shrinking Violet Slimming Wrap has always been something I've been inquisitive of, after working in marketing for a spa while at Uni when the treatment was introduced.

Promising inches lost through massaging in a mix of organic botanicals, lavender, juniper and lecithin compound, the treatment is aimed at breaking down fat inside cells where "triglycerides are changed to free fatty acids so that they can be excreted in tissue fluid and further transported to the lymph vessels."

That's the science lesson over, but how did it perform?

After being measured all over, Nadine massaged the mixture into my skin and carefully wrapped me in a cling film-esque material (not literally a roll from her kitchen drawer, I promise). She then skilfully lifted me on to the treatment table so I could spend the next 90 minutes under a cosy duvet, letting the product work its magic. 90 minutes sounds like a long haul, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it passed by, and it was then time to reveal the results.

To my shock, I'd managed to lose a whopping 11 inches all over. The product is designed to also work on the cells over the next few days, but to get the best from it, it's best not to shower for at least 24 hours and leave the product on your skin. You're left with a lovely essential oil blended scent that makes it easier to tolerate the fear of not showering, though.

I'd definitely recommend the Shrinking Violet Slimming Wrap before an event where you're wearing a li'l bit of a tight dress, or pre-wedding for a last minute boost. It's obviously not going to suddenly make you lose 85658 dress sizes, but it's the perfect little pick-me-up if your jeans are feeling a bit snug.

LVL Lash Lift

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Whilst I was tucked up under the duvet letting the body wrap do its work, Nadine did my LVL Lash Lift. Cue me nearly falling asleep under the duvet with my eyes closed for 45 minutes. When I said it was the perfect post-work pamper, I wasn't joking.

As you can see from my photos above, as well as making your makeup routine more streamlined - removing mascara from the equation - it also means a quick swipe of (non-waterproof) mascara on top looks like you've spent hours curling your lashes. I've basically spent the last few weeks fluttering my lashes everywhere I go (sorry not sorry).

All in all, the Ora Beauty packages are an excellent way of getting your pampering in during a busy week, and going into the weekend looking effortlessly glam. I'm definitely eyeing up the 'Heavenly Holistic' package for next time... mmm! 

The Ora Beauty bundles start from £65 and you can book an appointment by calling the lovely Nadine on 0131 229 0600.
* Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be invited in to try out a new treatment package of my choosing on a complimentary basis, but all opinions are my own.

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