About the Girl

Hi, thanks for giving my wee blog a read!

The Run-down

I'm Laura; a 25 year old content editor based in the lovely city of Edinburgh.

The Likely Lady is about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I love lots of colour & pretty pictures, and I'm a devoted Pinterest addict - so there's a lot of that here!

I'm also the co-founder of Every Edinburgh, so head there for food, restaurant and event reviews in Edinburgh.

What's the Story?

I've always been involved in journaling in one way or another. Having written mostly to myself all these years, it felt like the right time to publish my thoughts and leave my mark on the web, in the hope someone takes something positive from it. So, The Likely Lady was born in January 2009.

One of my biggest loves is beauty - If i'm not writing about it on here, I'm probably rooting around Space NK, pinning to my Beauty board or re-organising my beauty stash... utter geek.

Other habits of mine include: taking pictures of the little happy moments ♥ spa days ♥ being a skincare nut ♥ fangirling over bad-ass confident women I wanna be ♥ sampling cocktails and food around the city with the ladies ♥ painting my nails glitterbomb colours ♥ eating burgers with my #burgerlovinbabes ♥ drinking herbal teas, a lot ♥ living in my onesie ♥ pretending I'm actually doing exercise


Which camera do you use? : I use a Nikon D40 with various lenses and an iPhone 6

Where does the name The Likely Lady come from? : I picked up the alias online when I was around 15, due to a big Libertines fan moment (from the song 'What Became of the Likely Lads?'). It just kinda stuck!

Do you have an email address I could contact? Please check out my Contact & PR page above!

I hope you enjoy your time on here & please feel free to drop me a comment or send me an email!