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July 31, 2020
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The Best Detox Diet: Three Things to Avoid

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One of the finest things to have in life is to have a great body. If you had a body to die for, great looks and a sparkling personality, wouldn't that be killer? You will hear many people say that you can't have it all, but if you really want it all, you can have it! If you really want to have the sexy body and great looks that go along with a complete package, you should undertake a natural weight loss diet soon- no shortcuts, no pills and no starving. Why this way? It's the best and most effective way out there.

What are the ingredients of the best detox diet?

1) Stop sugar intake.

You all know by now that sugar is the killer. It makes you fat and it makes you look bloated. Say no to sugar like chocolates, donuts and candy. Not only will it make you look fat but it is actually really unhealthy. If you cannot stop your sugar cravings, why not chew a gum instead? Chewing gum will help you forget about your cravings and will let you forget that you are hungry too. You can also use sugar alternatives for your coffee and others. There are plenty of these available in different and leading stores nationwide.

2) Do not drink alcohol.

You may not be aware of this, but alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of being overweight. The beer belly didn't get its name for no reason. You can never attain a toned mid section if you consume a lot of beer or any other type of alcohol. Cocktails are bad for adding empty calories into your system, too, because they make use of sodas, juices and other sugary substances. If giving up alcohol is not an option to you, you need to incorporate a good exercise routine to shed those extra calories. Sweating and increasing activity will reduce the caloric effect of the alcohol. Don't want to exercise as much? Stick to straight up drinks on the rocks like scotch, whiskey and vodka.

3) Detox from carbs.

Eating carbohydrates is not advised in a natural weight loss programs. These carbs give you energy, but refraining from carbs doesn't mean that you are going to become sluggish. Remember, moderation is key, so if you can't cut them out completely, at least reduce your intake drastically. A total detoxification from carbs is recommended, and with this, you consume carbohydrate alternatives for energy. Eat more fiber instead of carbs- for example, eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of a bagel and cream cheese, a muffin or toast. Eat whole grain pasta instead of the traditional product. If you are a rice lover, eat brown rice instead of white rice.

Pills are a weight loss option, but if you can lose more weight naturally, why take pills?


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