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August 30, 2020
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The Importance of Food in Modern Day Culture

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Tired of eating instant dishes from the microwave, fat-rich fast food orders and noodles? What happened to our rich food culture? Why not try and cook your own food, not just for you but for your family as well. If you're single, it's a good way to know how to take care of yourself. It's bad to always eat instant food and famous fast food will surely make you fat if not obese. If you have your family and you are a working mother, why not spare some time and cook something healthy for you and for your children? This will also give you and your family the time to talk about things. Check how your kid is doing in school, your daughter's activities and of course your husband's needs. Don't know where to start? Here are some great ways to consider:
* Create a recipe journal. Yes this will work, who said you need to buy those expensive cook books? Make your own and you can customize it according to each family member's favorites, by name, by category or by total amount of cost. This will help you to easily find the recipes that you will search. It's more organized and will surely be your magic book of recipes.

This is a tradition that goes back many generations. In medieval times, the king often decided his national policies over a royal banquet. The stock exchange first began in London's coffee houses, when brokers would get together and make their deals. And what about the hunt balls held by British aristocrats, or the tea dances that used to take place in the afternoons?

The Importance of Food Presentation
When you go to a party and of course there is food prepared, which of those dishes will you try first? Don't smell, taste or go near them yet. Just use your sight. The one that will surely catch your attention is the one that is in the most noticeable table. Let's face it, if it looks good we would want to try it!

Even when you are at home, you will want your guests to be impressed when you invite them to - yes, you've guessed it - a dinner party. Once again, when we gather our friends, there always has to be food there. And most hosts don't only want the food to taste good and be sufficiently fancy, but you also want to find the most original way of decorating your dinner table. And the better it looks, the more everyone will be impressed.

* Match your recipes to your mood or to the weather. If it's cold, prepare hot or creamy soups that will surely make your body relaxed and calm. For those summer days, you can make add a home-made dessert for your kids.

* Don't be discouraged with some recipe mistakes. It gets better afterwards. Practice makes perfect. Find some useful cooking tips like, if you're not sure about the salt measurement, just put a little and you can add more once you've tasted it, rather than experimenting with it and you'll end up with a salty dish.

- The Centerpiece
Try to find a cheap but elegant centerpiece. Consider what time of the day will the get together be? If it's for a dinner party, find something that is sophisticated but won't overwhelm the food or your guests. It just has to blend well.

- Enjoy what you're doing
Just relax and avoid being stressed out. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun event and being stressed out won't do you any good. Tell yourself, would this solve my problems? Then just breathe and go back to work.

* If you can, you can make 2 servings of food and you can put the other half on the refrigerator. It saves time and if you or your family loves it, they can have another serving tomorrow.
These things are just really simple ways how you can prepare food; it's still up to you how you want it to be done and when. Once you're ready these will surely be of great help.


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