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November 3, 2020
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Mix And Match: Adding A Kitchen Mixer To The Mix Of Your Life

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Hand mixers and stand mixers are the two basic kinds of kitchen mixers that are available nowadays. Although different, they function on the same concept: a set of beaters powered by gears that run on mechanical energy that is converted from the electricity supplied to it. The ways in which you plan to use your mixer will determine which of the two types you should purchase.

If you're looking to make an economical purchase and prefer a smaller sized machine, then you should consider hand mixers. You can even opt for those that use batteries. Assuming you'll only be dealing with small amounts and baking items such as cakes, brownies or cookies, then this kind of mixer is suitable for you. This is provided you are only doing basic whipping and nothing too fancy.

For frequent users, stand mixers are worth considering. Besides being larger in size, it also possesses a motor with greater power levels in comparison to a hand mixer. Not only is it better for handling larger quantities, it is easier to use for recipes where ingredients need to be added in gradually. For recipes that are more complex such as bread making, stand mixers are best. A mixing bowl should be included in the package whenever you buy this type of mixer. You may also like to consider getting extra attachments so that you can use your mixer to do more.

When it comes to the issue of finding a good mixer for yourself, the basis for your decision remains the same, whether you get a stand mixer or a hand held one.

One very crucial thing to do in the mixer selection process is to seek out what are the best brands that are being sold nowadays. These brands usually have a number of excellent features which you should find out for yourself. Despite hefty prices being charged for these sort of products, you may still want to buy them because they can be trusted to be of better quality and are more likely to last longer.

The weight and sizes of mixers may vary from one product to another, so you need to know what is ideal for your purposes. Take into consideration the amount of storage space you have in your kitchen as well when selecting the mixer. Make sure you have enough room to snugly house the mixer of your choice.

There are various issues of performance that you may need to look into when buying a mixer. For instance, things such as the wattage and the number of speed settings it has. A stand mixer with fifteen speeds is definitely more flexible as compared to one that has only three - it depends on how much you'd like to control the way the mixer works. For some stand mixers, there is a possibility of purchasing mixing bowls of different sizes. Before making a purchase, request for a chance to test the product so you can see how the beater style and motion is like. The controls of the mixer could be a dial, push button, switch, slide control or even a touchpad with digital display - you have the liberty to select which one that suits you best. Timer features may also be worth looking out for. In any case, don't forget to ensure that the product you choose is one that is simple to use.

When you've finally chosen and purchased the mixer you want, use it with care and maintain it well. Beaters are best washed by hand if they're not made of stainless steel. Be wary that using detergents might cause the colour of your mixer parts to fade. If yours is a stand mixer, clean the base with a wet cloth after use. Avoid situations of water coming into contact with the motor to prevent it from getting damaged. Store the mixer in locations that are far away from the stove and any other sources of direct heat, as this will help increase its lifespan. Make sure you don't overload the mixer whenever you use it.

No kitchen is complete without the presence of a mixer. If you have yet to own one, you really should make it a point to go out and buy it. All the efforts you put into the decision of which is the best one for you will definitely pay off in the end. You can look forward to countless good memories in the kitchen, only if you remember to look after your mixer to keep it functioning at optimal performance.


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